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About SHOXX®


The SHOXX® Segment

The development of SHOXX® technology has succeeded in revolutionizing the standard process that has been used until now for segment production.

The SHOXX® process is based on a forging technology that was developed within our group and implemented through our production technology.

Therefore, our expertise enables the use of new SHOXX® segments for a cutting capacity that has been unachievable until now.

Compared to our competitors, SHOXX® blades clearly stand out in terms of:

  • cutting speed (2 times faster)
  • lifetime (last 2 times longer)
  • comfort during use (25% less vibration)


Reduced vibration thanks to SHOXX®

Due to the special segment geometry, the SHOXX® cutting disks significantly reduce vibrational stress. This results in fewer work breaks.

In opposite to standard methods, the SHOXX® technology also permits the production of higher longer working segments.


More security through SHOXX®

Another fundamental benefit is the safety. Due to the dense pore free segments, welding properties with incomparably high safety against segment break-off results in a overall safer tool compared to the usual standard sintering technology.